Re-imagine bill comparison

A 100% digital bill comparison service specifically designed for businesses that want to help their members save on household bills through an ongoing service, not just a transaction.

You control your member experience with a SmartMe white-labelled solution.

No call centres, no website questionnaires and no lengthy forms for members.

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It's so easy

Bills can be complex and confusing so SmartMe does the heavy lifting. Your member simply forwards their latest e-bill to your company's unique Smartme email address and they're done. The highly compliant SmartMe platform automatically analyses it and emails back competitive energy deals in less than a minute.

Your member could save by staying where they are. The SmartMe platform allows your member to select a new energy deal with their current retailer* when a new deal is available.
* SmartMe doesn't compare all retailers in the market, more information.
Think of SmartMe as your member's personal household bill concierge. Continually working in the background, we add ongoing value to your membership program.
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It's so fast & easy

Your members will be the first to tell you they don't have time to speak to call centres or manually calculate the best offers in the market. By partnering with SmartMe, you'll help them take back control of their household bills.

By simply forwarding their last e-bill, members receive a personalised analysis back within 60 seconds. When displaying other deals, the SmartMe platform considers the members unique bill activity for supply and usage charges taking into consideration their pricing steps, tariffs, meter types, peak, off-peak, shoulder, controlled load, any solar feed-in, discounts and more.

If they choose to, it's super fast to take up a new deal!

SmartMe specialise in providing our services to large membership organisations that want to include an ongoing bill saving service within their member offering.

If you're an organisation already providing comparison services to your customers, SmartMe will transform them from a one-off transaction to an ongoing member benefit.

SmartMe is highly compliant, 100% digital and ensures your members' data privacy is securely protected.

SmartMe partner with some of the best comparison businesses in Australia, America and the UK to ensure your members get access to deals from a broad range of bill retailers.
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Your members will thank you

OK, well we think it's cool

Bill stress is highly likely to exist for many of your members. By providing them with a permanent bill management solution, you'll add value to your membership program.

SmartMe continues to expand it's service offering for your members. We're continually adding new bill categories and bill payment services so that you can expand your offering too.

Bills occur every month, so they provide your program with ongoing engagement opportunities and ways to add value to your members through SmartMe.

Simple, fast and highly valued by members.

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By partnering with SmartMe you are plugging in to market leading technology, accessing energy offers from leading retailers and offering a global first in customer experience.

"I can highly recommend SmartMe. I forward my own gas and electricity bills and in about three minutes I was signed up to better deals with an annual saving over $600. It’s a no-brainer!"

Mark Walters – General Manager, World Challenge

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With SmartMe, you’re members are always in control.

See what our service can do for your members by sending your latest e-bill to