Frequently asked questions

How does SmartMe work?

Simply forward your latest electricity and/or gas e-bill to the address you’ve been provided by your membership organisation or comparison provider. You’ll receive an email back in around 30 seconds, with either an offer from your current provider, an offer from a new provider, or confirmation that you’re on a great rate (ie $0 saving available)*.

If you choose to take up an offer (with current or new provider), it only takes around 2 minutes to switch.  No call centres, no annoying call backs and no long forms to fill in, just your ID details.

Only SmartMe uses your unique bill data to accurately determine the energy offers best aligned to your needs.  This is a completely unique proposition in the Australian market.

*Service not available for properties in WA, TAS and some areas in QLD as these are government regulated energy markets.

Which energy retailers does SmartMe work with?

SmartMe considers offers from Australia's leading energy retailers to find the product that best aligns to your needs.

Why didn't I receive a retention offer from my current energy provider?

Your current provider may not have been able to offer a more competitive rate or SmartMe does not currently work with your energy retailer.

Are there any parts of my bill not considered in the comparison?

Comparison does not take into account concessions, payment processing fees, paper bill fees, green energy contributions, government rebates, guaranteed service level credits or any balances carried forward from previous bill, unless otherwise stated.

Comparison does take in to account the number of days of energy usage, the amount of kWh or MJ usage, the metering type of the energy consumed e.g. peak / off-peak / controlled load, usage pricing steps, solar feed-in and any discounts applied.

The offer you emailed me is on a contract – is this a good thing or a bad thing?

A good thing. Contracts protect the consumer, meaning the price you have been quoted won’t be put up for the duration of the contract. However, should you wish to switch providers, most contracts have a $0 break clause, meaning you can leave at any time without paying an exit fee.  If your contract does have a break clause, it’s usually only around $30, which is often worth paying to save significantly more than that.

Is SmartMe free for consumers to use?

Yes, SmartMe is a completely free service for consumers.

How does SmartMe make money?

SmartMe is paid a commission by the energy retailer that gets your business.  The commission we are paid by energy retailers is an economical way for them to attract new customers, and in many cases costs less than their own advertising or sales activity.

What do I need to do to secure the deal SmartMe has found me?

Review the offers sent to you via email. Click the Get started button to be redirected to our website.  Click the Apply now button on the offer you’d like to accept. Enter your personal details, read and accept the terms and conditions and click the submit button.

What happens after I accept a deal?

Once submitted, SmartMe will send your request on to your chosen retailer. They will either send you a welcome pack or call you if they have any questions regarding your request.

Why am I now receiving emails from my energy retailer via SmartMe?

When you joined the SmartMe (after emailing your bill and accepting a great deal), you agreed that SmartMe would receive your future energy bills to allow us to provide our bill checking service. To do this, we have set you up with a SmartMe email address (see switch confirmation email we sent you). All correspondence from your energy retailer is automatically redirected from your SmartMe email address to your chosen email account. When speaking to your energy retailer, quote your SmartMe email address to access your account.

What if my old provider calls me to offer me a deal to come back?

'Win-back' calls are common practice in the energy industry. If you take up a deal over the phone from your old provider, SmartMe will no longer receive your energy bill nor be able to provide our bill checking service.

Is my information private?

SmartMe takes your privacy seriously. We only use your bill and personal information to compare your bill usage with other offers in the market and for the purposes of providing our services. We don't share your personal information with any third parties outside of what is required to deliver our services. Bill information we save in our own systems to complete the ongoing comparisons is separated from personal identification information. For more information, see our privacy policy on this website.

Is my information secure?

SmartMe uses secure encryption and security best practice to ensure our customer's information is kept secure.

Can anyone join the SmartMe marketplace?

Yes, anyone can join the marketplace by forwarding their latest electricity or gas e-bill to the address you’ve been provided by your membership organisation or comparison provider. You will need to take up an offer from your current provider or a new provider to complete the join process.

Can I opt-out of the SmartMe marketplace?

Yes. You simply need to contact your current energy provider and change the email address your bills are sent to.  But remember, if you do this, SmartMe will no longer be able to provide our bill checking service.  

I still receive paper bills, can I still join SmartMe?

SmartMe requires an emailed version of your bill from your retailer.  Simply call your energy retailer and ask to switch from paper bills to e-bills. Once you receive your first e-bill, simply forward it to the address you’ve been provided by your membership organisation or comparison provider to get started.