How it works

1. Email bill

Your member emails their most recent gas and/or electricity e-bill to your company's unique SmartMe email address.

2. Response

Member receives a white-labelled email back in around 60 seconds, with either better rates from their current provider, a better offer from a new provider, or confirmation that they’re on a competitive rate.

3. Select

If the member chooses to take up a better rate (with current or new provider), it only takes around a minute to switch through your companies white-labelled SmartMe site.  No call centres, no call backs and no long forms to fill in, just their identification details and the offer specific terms and conditions.

4. Ongoing

SmartMe automatically checks future bills to make sure members stay on a great rate.
Comparison does take in to account the number of days of energy usage, the amount of kWh or MJ usage, the metering type of the energy consumed e.g. peak / off-peak / controlled load, usage pricing steps, solar feed-in and any discounts applied.

It's so fast and easy

Your members will be the first to tell you they don't have time to speak to call centres or manually calculate the best offers in the market. By partnering with SmartMe, you'll help them take back control of their household bills.

By simply forwarding their last e-bill, members receive a personalised analysis back within 60 seconds. When displaying other deals, the SmartMe platform considers the members unique bill activity for supply and usage charges taking into consideration their pricing steps, tariffs, meter types, peak, off-peak, shoulder, controlled load, any solar feed-in, discounts and more.

If they choose to, it's super fast to take up a new deal!

SmartMe specialise in providing our services to large membership organisations that want to include an ongoing bill saving service within their member offering.

If you're an organisation already providing comparison services to your customers, SmartMe will transform them from a one-off transaction to an ongoing member benefit.

SmartMe is highly compliant, 100% digital and ensures your members' data privacy is securely protected.

SmartMe partner with some of the best comparison businesses in Australia, America and the UK to ensure your members get access to deals from a broad range of bill retailers.